Salaam all,

Went back to uni today 1st day of the new academic year and I was absolutely shattered (yes it’s very tiring sitting on your backside all day listening to lectures). As it was Laylat-ul-Qadr (night of power) last night I tried to stay up for a bit to pray and stuff, therefore not much sleep. Woke up at 7 for uni today, got soaked in the rain on the way home, came home on the bus, slept for half an hour then had to go to my aunts for iftar, came home again prayed Taraweeh and now I’m sooo sleepy (what an eventful day, makes a change from waking up at 3pm everyday of the holidays).

Anyhow enough of my life story, I couldn’t sleep until I showed you some of my canvases which I have been working on. I also do personalised canvases ranging from £25-£100 depending on size, so e-mail with your name, what you want to be written on the canvas, the size of the canvas and the colour of your choice (I will try my very best to find the colour you want). For the ready made paintings again e-mail islamfactory with your details and which painting(s) you would like to buy and either myself or the Islamfactory team will get back to you with details and the invoice inshaAllah. I’m all excited now! =D

‘SubhanAllah’ (Glory be to God)– Painted with acrylic on and outlined in silver. [£35] SOLD

‘Alhamdulillah’ (Praise be to God/ Thanks be to God)– Painted with acrylic on deep edge canvas; Outlined in gold. [£40] SOLD

‘Allah’– Painted with acrylic, on fireworks background; outlined in gold. [£35] SOLD

‘Al-Khaliq’ (The Creator)– Acrylic on canvas; pink background; outlined in gold. [£25] SOLD

‘Allah’ on Purple background– Acrylic on canvas; silver outlined. [£25] SOLD

‘Ar-Rahman’ (The Most Gracious)– Acrylic on canvas; green background; gold outline. [£25] SOLD

Same as above– £25 each or £60 for all three

‘Al-Aziz’ (The Most Powerful)- Acrylic on canvas; mosque silhouette background; gold outlined. [£35] SOLD

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Laila Saeeda Wa Ahlam Ladida (goodnight and sweetdreams) ~xxx~