Salaam and Eid Mubarak, I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends.

How did all of your Eid days go? What did you get up to? Who did you enjoy it with? What did you eat and wear? Was it same old same old or did you do something extra special this year? share your stories with us by commenting below (=

Yesterday was the first time my sister and I attended Eid prayers at the masjid (mosque). In Asian culture there is a big misconception that women are not allowed to go to the mosque, which is very untrue. I believe this misconception arose due to the fact that in most Asian countries there was no facility for women in mosques therefore women did not attend mosque, which is why people have been brought up thinking that it is not permissible to go to the mosque.

In Islam men and women are equal in religion, it is obligatory for men to pray in congregation for Eid prayers and Friday prayers for example and there is more reward in that. For women however, it is not obligatory, for them it is better to pray at home as they might have other responsibilities which make it difficult for them to go to the mosque e.g. young children. However, if they can attend the mosque and there is space for them then they should go.

Anyhoo back to the story….my dad came to room at 8.20am and woke me up to ask me if I wanted to go with him to the mosque, by the time my sister and I got ready and came down he told us we would miss the 1st jamaat (congregation) if we went to a mosque with facilities for women, so my dad and little brother went to the local mosque and my sister and I took a bus to another mosque for the second jamaat. (So much for it being a nice family thing)

I had such a nice time on Eid seeing all my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc and eating lots of yummy food! All the little boys wore thobes/jubba’s and looked mega cute mashaAllah, here’s a picture of my little brother in his 3id outfit…

My aunt gave me this reallllly pretty hijab pin from a collection of pins being sold by her friend Jhorna Begum (join her facebook page ‘Hijab’), it goes really well with my 3id outfit which was white and silver. It was all sparkly and of absolutely great quality so thank you aunty Jhorna for that and the one you gave as a gift too, they are beautiful mA (= The hijab pins will soon be featuring on as well (probably from end of sept to early october)

My nieces and nephew looking very cute mA
My nieces modeling their 3id prezzies

Everyone looked absolutely stunning and we all had a great day.
In the evening I went to visit my baby cousin Ahdia at the hospital. Ahdia was born about a week ago and hasn’t been too well, so has had to spend her first 3id in hospital. I would like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to make du’a for her health to improve so that she can come home and grow up to be a good and healthy little girl.

This 3id as we all had a good time with our family and friends, InshaAllah we also remembered all the little children who had to spend this 3id without family due to natural disasters, war and so on. May we also remember our sister Aafia Sidiqi and all the other brothers and sisters who are having to spend yet another 3id without family, locked up, detained and tortured unjustly. Our du’as and thoughts are with you all.

Before I go I just want to say when you feel your not strong enough to do something, know that you have gone without food and water for approx 450 hours over 30 days, surely that is a sign from Allah letting you know that He will never burden you with more than you can handle. Remember just because Ramadhan has gone it doesn’t mean you can stop being a Muslim, keep up all the hard work from this Ramadhan.


iHijabi ~xXx~