A couple of months ago I ordered an abaya from SHUKR an online islamic clothing store. I had been on their website before but didn’t like the abaya’s because they were more like long coats and it’s just not the way I wear my abaya (I don’t tuck my scarf inside as in the pictures on SHUKR) I had ordered a cape dress in the colour navy blue. I spent aggggeess trying to figure out the measurements with a tape measure and just couldn’t understand the measurements. But I ordered one in size medium anyway (I know I’m so dumb all my clothes are size small I don’t know what made me get a medium) I got a call from Shukr early Monday morning telling me that they don’t have that colour in stock and if I would like a different colour so I opted for Aubergine purple. The delivery came quite quickly and I tried on the abaya/dress, yhp it was waay too big. The material was rayon and my grandmother who was there at the time told me that it would get creased very easily, I was really disappointed, but at least I could return it.

I went online to try and find out how to return it and it was simple enough. The only thing I didn’t like about SHUKR was customer service system, if you want to contact someone you can’t just send them an e-mail, you have to submit a ticket with your query and they e-mail you back with the response. If you want to ask something else you have to go on their website and submit another ‘ticket’ and wait again for them to respond. This was the same procedure as the return, I was told to send the Item back to them and give them my tracking number. If I wanted an exchange then I would get the money back as store credit, which meant I could use that credit for something else (postage and packaging costs were also covered), however, if I wanted a refund the postage and packaging costs will be deducted. So I returned it and got store credit.

I waited a couple of months to see if they bought any new stock, as I didn’t really like the other abaya/dresses that they had and the ones I did like they didn’t have the size or colours I wanted. Then just last week I saw a jersey cowl neck abaya which caught my eye I measured my self again and anxiously I placed the order. I had to pay £25 on top of my store credit as this abaya was more expensive than the dress I had bought before.

Just so you know SHUKR clothing is really expensive, but I thought I needed to treat myself as I hadn’t bought a new abaya in a really long time, and I love the cowl neck style (it’s similar to the snood style abaya I designed). The abaya arrived again quite quickly and alhamdulillah, it fit just right! The material was really heavy when I picked it up though because it feels like a really long jumper, but it is sooooooo comfortable. It probably isn’t suitable for the summer because it is quite thick, but it’s perfect for this weather.

I wore it to uni that day and had loads of people ask me where I bought it from, so that is why I thought I had to do a review on it. (=

Here are some pictures of the abaya…

Cowl neck is basically the draping fabric around the neck

I don’t think you’re supposed to wear it on your head, but I liked the way it looked.

It’s a modest fitting abaya and the material is just suuuuper comfy (like one of those snuggie blankets lol)

It has a pocket on both sides with a pouch inside the pocket for your phone/ipod etc.

I’ve worn it so many times now and I’ve only had it for like a week, love it to bits, the only thing I’m worried about is wearing too much as I’m afraid the material might bubble.

The abaya was definitely worth the money because it’s made with superb quality and inshaAllah it will last me a long time (=

Here’s the link for SHUKR UK if you want to check out their items:

Items such as tunic tops, long skirts and scarves are available as well as clothing for men.

So I’ve come to the end of the review, remember to let me know what you think of SHUKR and its clothes inshaAllah, what were your experiences like with SHUKR? Will you be buying from SHUKR in the future after this review? Share your thoughts below or on the Facebook page.