For this hijab style you will need:

1- Pashmina scarf
1- Unforgettable lace/ vintage couture scarf/ white lace
1 or 2- Straight Hijab pin(s)
1- Hijab friendly safety pin (ordinary safety pin will do)
1- Brooch (optional)

Apologies for the scarf not being ironed =S

Step 1
Place the pashmina on our head first with one side longer than the other & fold in 1/3 of the scarf from the front. Place the lace hijab on your head with the long side on the long side of the pashmina & the short side on the short side of the pashmina & fold it into a smaller rectangle
Step 2
Take both sides of the lace hijab to the back of your head (adjust the front to reveal how much lace you want to show.
Step 3

Cross over the long & short side at the bottom at the back  of your head

Step 4
Open up the long side of the lace hijab and bring it back over the top of your head.

Step 5

Fold in the front of the pashmina at the side of your face, then bring the long side over your head.
Step 6
Use a straight pin to pin down the lace and Pashmina.

Step 7

take the long side of the pashmina and take it under the long side of the lace hijab and under the draping part that covers your chest

Step 8
pin it on your shoulder on the other side with a hijab friendly safety pin (from the inside)

This is how it should look:


Step 9

If you don’t want to show too much lace go to step 6 then pin down the long side of the pashmina and the lace with a brooch.

Step 10
fold in the tassled edge of the long side so it’s not hanging over your shoulder
This is how it should look at the end inshaAllah:




Hope this tutorial wasn’t too hard to follow.