My little cousin Mariam came over today so we decided to do an easy peasy summery hijab tutorial. The flash makes her look sleepy so she did her very best to look awake lol, well done Mariam mA! There may be a lot of steps with a lot of pictures but it’s actually not that hard, I’ve really tried to break it down.

For this you will need:

1 thin hijab
1 straight pin
1 underscarf (preferably lace for the summer)
1 hijab chain pin (optional)

Step 1 

Put on your lace underscarf

Step 2 

Put the thin hijab on your head with a little folded in from the front, one side longer than the other.

The short side should be long enough to take round your head so the corner reaches the other side.

Step 3

Take the short side round your head and pin it with a straight pin (where her hand is)

Step 4

Now take the long side and bring it forward.

Step 5

Take the long side loosely round your head.

Step 6 

Take the pin that you used out and pin it down with the side you just brought over.

Ruffle it up a bit and add some folds to give it a lil volume.
You can now leave it like this or carry on to the next step to add an accessory.

Step 7

Add the big brooch end of the hijab chain and pin it on the side that you used the straight pin.

Place it at the level of the middle of your forehead.

Step 8

Take the small pin end.

Step 9

And take it across your forehead, pin it at the back of your head in the middle of your bun (she doesn’t have a bun because her hairs too short)

Final Look
The other side
Hope you liked that tutorial. leave some feedback on how you get on with it iA (=