I love giving presents and cards to people, I used to buy cards for friends birthdays and mothers day etc but when I stopped celebrating birthdays and other ‘occasions’ as much there was avoid I was looking to fill.

I came across the Islamic greeting card store and absolutely fell in love with the designs of the greetings cards, as well as the idea of Islamic cards with very meaningful messages on the front. I loved the fact that there were cards for special occasions like Eid and weddings but also cards that you could give for no reason, like an ‘I love you for the sake of Allah’ card for your husband/wife or cards for a child completing the Quran.

There are cards to wish one well for Hajj & Umrah, sympathy cards with a dua written on the front, a card for your mother, cards to give to new muslims and soo many others.

So the other day I bought 2 cards.

The first was a card for my mum. My mum is the most amazing person in the whole wide world and she means everything to me. When I saw this card  I realised that I don’t show her how much I appreciate how hard she works and everything she does for us. This card was the perfect way to give her an unexpected reminder that we (my younger siblings and I) love her. When she got the card she loved it too alhamdulillah, she wanted to display it straight away and now it sits on her bed side chest of drawers so she can be reminded everyday she wakes up, goes to sleep, looks in the mirror etc (=

The second card I bought was for my little brother’s and sister’s Tajweed teacher. I just thought It’d be nice for them to give something to her as she is an amazing teacher mashaAllah and they have learnt a lot from her because of the way she engages with them and encourages them (they don’t dread sitting down for 3 hours to practice reading Quran). But also because I wanted to just buy a card lol.

The quality of these cards will not disappoint, they are an in-between matt and gloss finish, the card is good quality as is the envelope (which you don’t have to lick to stick).
The price of the cards are brilliant ( I got them for £1.99 each) and I also got free delivery because of the free delivery to UK customers offer (not sure if it’s still available so do check the website).
The cards were delivered in an ‘do not bend’ envelope which kept them in good shape through the postal service and they arrived within a week.

Overall the Islamic greeting card store has 2 thumbs up from me and I will definitely buying more from them in the future inshaAllah.

Blackstone Islamic store in Whitechapel, London

You can also buy these cards at some Islamic stores to find out which stores click here

I wish I could buy all of the cards and just give them randomly to people. There are a variety of cards to choose from, for every person in your life. The cards show people that you appreciate them and everything they do for you. Sometimes we need to stop and let the people in our lives know that we care and what better way of doing that then with an Islamic card with a beautiful message.

To visit the Islamic greeting card store facebook page click here
And to visit their website click here

If you’ve bought from them before let us know what you thought, if not make sure you do! (=