Assalaamu alaikum!

This is a product & company review of Al Nisa Hijabs an online hijab store. I bought 4 scarves from Al-Nisa, some for myself and a couple for my mum. I had actually only ordered 2 but after I ordered them my mum wanted some, Soooo I e-mailed Al-Nisa to see if I could add those 2 extra hijabs added to my previous order (I know it hadn’t been sent because of the long bank holiday weekend) and I was glad to receive a reply saying that they had added them and an invoice was sent to me. I cannot explain how good the customer service with Al-Nisa is, sister Lubna replied to enquiries on the facebook page and through e-mail very promptly.

The Postage and Packaging (for UK) was around £2 if I remember correctly, which is super cool seeing as I received the package the day after it was sent (usually takes 2-3 working days), but I guess that was down to Royal Mail, who were doing quite well even with the bank holiday. Well done Royal Mail! Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Now lets get on to the actual hijabs. The quality of these hijabs is beautiful, I can’t find any fault at all. And what about the price I hear you ask? Welllll…….wait for it, wait for it…….they were all under £4 each! Super quality, reasonable prices what more could you ask for? I don’t think you can get these types of scarves cheaper anywhere else on the ineternet (my aunt says you can get them at a market in London for only £1 less than what you get it for at Al-Nisa) not bad hey?

Customer Service= Super Duper
Postage & package= Pretty good
Hijab Quality= Fantabulous
Prices= Ah ma zing!
Will I be buying from them again?= Of course iA (=

Here are some images of the scarves that I bought along with my views…..

The Leopard print Crinkle scarf

Price: £3.99

This is my fav scarf out of the 4 that I bought. It is super for the summer because it’s actually quite thin and airy but creates volume due to the crinkles. The coverage I would say is not bad as its an average size scarf that crinkles and not a maxi crinkle scarf. I’d defo recommend this crinkle scarf. I’ve even had people tell me that they don’t rally like animal print but they like this hijab. I’m not sure if you can see the detail of the tassel but it is sooooo pretty! They are little roses, click on the image to enlarge it iA. Gotta love this scarf! I recommend you store this hijab twisted and rolled up to keep it crinkly. (Also no need to iron it. Bonus!)


Price: £3.50

This hijab is a thin scarf. I had to add this to my collection of floral thin scarves for the summer. Again it’s very suitable for the summer as it is thin and as you can see from the picture it provides great coverage. The big wild flowers floral pattern means you can wear it with something plain to give you a delicate feminine look.

True Burgundy

Price: £3.50

Yes another floral scarf, but what I like about this scarf is the colours of the patterns. The fabric is a little different in feel compared to the Pomenoir scarf, I’d say it’s much softer. The scarf is very comfortable to wear and the colours also make this hijab suitable for Autumn.

Jaane Bahar
Price: £3.50
I actually bought this with my mum in mind, she’s quite youthful looking and sometimes gets mistaken for my sister instead of my mother mashaAllah though. So I bought this because it isn’t as colourful (to be honest she liked my leopard print one more than this lol). So even though it was supposed to be a more ‘mature’ scarf I actually think it’s suitable for people of all ages. The print is again very delicate and feminine. (You may have noticed that I actually have this patterned hijab in different colours from different online hijab stores lol)
So I hope you found this review useful. I’d defo recommend Al Nisa to friends and family, it is in my top 5 online hijab stores. InshaAllah the business becomes very successful (and sticks to it’s amazing prices) and I look forward to buying from them again.
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