Sorry for going AWOL for a while there, my netbook was down so I couldn’t write blog posts and post pictures )= Alhamdulillah it’s working now. Anyway today I have a review for an amazing hijab company in the states!

I received 3 scarves from them yesterday, a thin scarf, a crinkle scarf and a diamante jersey scarf, they’re all super cool but first I’d like to tell you a little more about the company itself.

Unique Hijabs actually started on ebay and then launched it’s own website in 2009 their website is: They sell a huge variety of hijabs and accessories such as under scarves, sleeves and brooches. One of the things I liked about this company is something that they’ve written on their facebook page, which I can actually relate to as I’m sure you can too:

Food for thought and Unique Hijab Facts, to help you make your next purchasing decision wisely.

1) Would you buy from a site that just opened and has no reputation?
Who knows where your money is going.
UH fact, we have been around since 2004 and are not a fly by night shop. We plan on being around for years to come so you can trust us with your purchases.

2) Would you buy from a site that is constantly down?
If you can’t maintain your store how can you run a business.
UH fact, our site has 99% up time. We constantly make changes to the site but this never affects your shopping experience. With dedicated web developers, we can ensure your transactions are processed safely and you can make your purchases without interruption.

3) Would you buy from a site that never responds to your emails?
UH fact, we respond to emails within 24hours for all customers whether they have made a purchase or not. Our priority is our customers, not our sales.

4) Would you buy from a site that takes weeks, if not months to mail out your package?
UH fact, we mail out packages within 2 business days of purchase.

5) Would you buy from a site that only offers a few limited styles?
UH fact, we probably have everything they have plus more. With a talented and dedicated design team, we are able to add new styles to the site weekly.

I’ve e-mailed them and messaged them a couple of times in the last couple of months and they have replied very fast to my queries and questions mA. The sister(s) that run the page & company are very dedicated and willing to help.

They have a flat rate shipping on every order big or small. $4.99 to the USA & Canada, $7.99 to all other countries, that’s around £5 so you can shop to your hearts content and just pay the one off shipping cost, how super is that?

Now on to the hijabs I received.

This is the crinkle scarf, as you might already have figured crinkle scarves are ‘in’ this season and you’ll find them on almost all hijab websites, what I like about this is that it is a lightweight maxi hijab. Crinkle hijab tend to ‘crinkle’ obviously but if they are the same size as an average hijab then they are sometimes not very big to give you proper coverage so you have to pin it down loads and keep tugging your hijab to make sure it’s not exposing your neck, back & chest. This crinkle hijab is amazing because it’s big and creates easy volume.

The second scarf is this blue thin hijab with beautiful rose patterns on it. The colour of the hijab is superb as it has a slight silky look to it. Again to me it seems a bit longer and wider than an average size thin scarf, which again is brilliant for the summer.

The third and final hijab I received is this Red/Maroon jersey stretch hijab. I have an obsession with jersey because I love the way it drapes and just stays in place. This jersey hijab is a lot narrower in width than ones I have bought in the past from ‘the pinned veil’ the length is also a little shorter, so it’d be best to wear it with tops that are not too low cut or wide neck. I actually don’t wear red hijabs but I quite like this hijab so I might give it a try. The hijab is very soft and has silver diamante rhinestones on it so is suitable to wear as a party scarf.

The quality of all the scarves I received are very very good mA, they all arrived in separate plastic packets in a cardboard package and arrived in very good condition from USA to the UK. Overall this company receives 2 thumbs up from me. Check out their website and I guarantee you will find something that you like because there is something for everyone. If you join their facebook page you could be in with a chance to win a free hijab EVERY MONTH!

Facebook page: