If you’re following me on facebook you’ll have read that on Sunday my cousin is having an ‘engagement’ pre-wedding party (without the bride & groom to be actually being there) so yeah it’s more of a family get together/dinner and well I only realised that I hadn’t thought of anything to wear on Tuesday. So I was going a bit mad looking for something to wear. Seeing as this wasn’t really anything major to do with the actual wedding I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and I wanted to keep the outfit quite simple yet elegant so I figured an evening dress was the best option, that or a decorative jilbab, alhamdulillah I found something that’s a bit of both.

I went shopping (first in east London) and then to Oxford Street at about 4pm in a panic to find something. My friends were absolutely amazing and really helped me out finding what I was looking for. I was looking for a dress that was not black because I knew my aunt would have a go at me for wearing black, but funnily enough the dress I bought is black and it was the best I could do.

After I let the girls on the iHijabi facebook page know that I had found something I was asked to show what it looked like because a lot of them were actually looking for something similar. So girls, here it is!


Btw my scarf isn’t done properly because I wore it just to demonstrate.

The dress itself is from Debenhams on Oxford Street, it’s part of the Oasis brand and was on sale. I bought it for £35 and it was reduced from £70 can you believe it?!! Yeah neither could I. Thanks to my friend hana for finding it.

I love this dress because it’s almost like an abaya! The sleeves are elasticated around the wrist and are those loose ones (I don’t know what you call it) It’s nice and flowey and the perfect length (maxi dresses are usually too long for me, I’m 5ft 3) I am wearing heels in with it but even then it’s a good length.

Detail around waist

The Dress: £35
From: ‘Oasis’ at Debenhams

Clutch bag (with metal strap you can just tuck inside): £9
From: Clair’s accessories

Set of Bangles: £7
From: Clair’s accessories

Beaded necklace: £12 (£10 something with student discount)
From: Accessorize

Gold dust Hijab: £10
From: Pearl Daisy (from a while ago)

Sandals: £40
From: Unze (from ages ago as well)

So all in all the entire outfit cost me £61 (excluding the shoes and scarf which I already had) and I think that’s a pretty good bargain considering my budget was £100 for just the dress.

So what do you think of the outfit? Suitable for an engagement party? What’s your fave part of the outfit?