Today I have a review for a fantastic new hijab store called hijab obsessions. They specialise in maxi hijabs which are great for creating volume without losing out on any coverage, how cool is that? I’m really into the scruffy hijab look this season, with messy folds and crinkles! Stay tuned for some pictures modelled by my sister of these amazing summer maxi hijabs from Hijab Obsessions (=

Postage, Delivery & Customer service

I must say the delivery service was exceptional! I was sent an e-mail notifying me that the hijabs had been posted and I received them the next day!

Postage charges are as follows and they aim to dispatch your orders within 3 working days:

£0.00 – £10.00 – £1.99

£10.01 – £20.00 – £2.99

£20.01 – £30.00 – £3.99

£30.01 – £50.00 – £4.99

All orders above the value of £30.00 will be sent via recorded delivery.

Customers outside the UK please contact hijab obsessions for postage costs.

The payment is carried out via paypal (hurrah for paypal!) you can also make purchases through facebook (=

Hijab obsessions customer service is second to none, I have got to say they are amazing and notifying you about your package as well as quick to answer e-mails. The hijabs came in their separate plastic packets wrapped very carefully in tissue paper with a ribbon with no extra cost to you (awww how cute is that?!) I love those little finishing touches makes the hijabs seem that much more precious and shows that the people who sent them have really thought of everything. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it un-opened (my family are very annoying and nosy when it comes to packages & letters and always open my post lol, so by the time I saw it it was half opened)

Now on to the hijabs…….

Thin Maxi Hijab- Zaynah (red)

I actually didn’t like this hijab when I first opened it as I don’t wear red much and it’s made of cotton, buuuut when I put it on my sister and styled it properly I think it looks quite good. It’s really big as you’d expect from a maxi hijab and is light but not see through so you can create loads of folds without it coming out too bulky. The floral patterns are not your usual type and there are loads of different colours (blues, pinks, greens) so you can add a variety of accessories. Because the fabric is cotton it stays in place well without the need for lots of pins, in the hijab style above I’ve only used 1 pin to keep it in place.

Crinkle Maxi Hijab- Animal Instinct (Light brown)

So you know I said in previous crinkle hijab reviews that the hijab is a little on the short side due to the crinkles? Well the answer to that problem is a MAXI crinkle hijab! I love this hijab. Animal prints are really growing on me now due to hijabs like this, it’s subtle, stylish and the two tone of the hijab lets you create many different looks. The hijab creates so much volume effortlessly. This hijab again is light & airy without being see through so it’s super for the summer and much better than standard size crinkle hijabs due to the coverage it provides.

So overall what do we think of Hijab Obsessions?……..

A big thumbs up!

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