I saw a few pictures of women wearing hijab with a hat. I always used to think wearing a hat on top of your hijab looked really funny, but after seeing a couple of pictures I realised that the only time hijab looks good with a hat is if you know how to rock it. It requires a particular types of hats combined with particular types of hijab sooo here are the hijab hat looks that rock.

Very sherlock holmes, no?

This looks so elegant and classy, I guess for something like this you’ve got to have the right face shape as well.

Hana, this time absolutely rocking hijab with a fur hat.

Love this fun, playful hijab with a black hat, they go so well together.

Super cool, if you can pull it off.

This one is really pretty, the colour of the hijab is similar to the hat and is thin so it doesn’t look really bulky.

Woolly hat? Wear one that covers your ears and then wear a plain pashmina style hijab around your neck, just like Sr Yasmin from Yaz the Spaz.

I personally wouldn’t wear a hat over my hijab (don’t think I could rock it like some of these women do and it’s not really my style) but for those of you who loved hats before hijab or would love to try it out then do so but remember these rules:

-Wear a thin scarf that wont be too bulky around your neck
-Wear a hat that goes with your hijab, make sure it fits on your head as well
-For easy hat and go styles wear it with a comfijab

What are your views on hijabs with hats?