So I know it’s only the first week of Ramadhaan but I bet you’re all thinking about what you’re going to wear for Eid. Might I add here that I highly recommend you get your Eid shopping out of the way ASAP because the prices all go very high the weekend before Eid. It’s actually even better if you got you Eid shopping done before Ramadhaan. This year we’ve left our Eid shopping quite late because my dad’s been in and out of hospital but we’ll be going in the next week or so iA.

One thing I always look at when I buy Indian/Pakistani outfits is the dupatta, some dupatta’s really put me off because  I know that I wont know how to wrap it as a hijab. For those types of dupatta’s I usually buy a plain scarf to wear on my head and just use the dupatta to drape across my chest (pinned to the shoulders) but sometimes it’s just wayyy too hot to be wearing so many scarves (esp seeing as Eid is at the end of August). The outfit I buy for Eid will probs be the outfit I’ll be wearing for my cousins wedding in September so I gotta make sure it’s something nice enough (usually I wouldn’t be that bothered with Eid clothes). Because many people (myself included) get put off a really stunning outfit because of the dupatta. Naaila Haq has produced some hijabi tips for different types of dupatta’s and how to wrap them.

The eyeshadow palette I wanted to review today is the Sleek Acid i-Divine palette. I didn’t really think sleek was going to be any good and even when I received the palette I was quite skeptical as the colours looked really bright but nit very pigmented when I swatched it on my hand. That is until I tried it out on my sisters eyes. You do have to go over the colour a little bit but it’s not bad for a drugstore company and it’ll probs stand out more using a primer, which I didn’t use for the pictures.

I think about 5 of the colours are shimmery (although not chalky glitter) the rest of them are matt.
£6 something for 12 colours works out to be less than £1 for each colour, bargain!

Here are some pictures of the palette and how I did it on my sisters eyes….

The pics are not great as I was just experimenting, so I didn’t use the right brushes or a primer. I will try and upload some more pictures if & when I have used it properly iA (=

Colours used: yellow, light blue, green & plum purple
Mascara: Maybelline Falsies
Eyeliner: Rimmel London [fast stroke I think]

I’d recommend the eye shadows as they can be bright and quite vibrant if you want it to be or you can also use them in a subtle way by not using too much of the eyeshadow. Obviously they’re not as pigmented as MAC or Urban Decay but again they’re not bad at all for the price you are getting them.

This palette goes really well with Asian clothes as you can get so many styles out of them by mixing & matching the colours to suit your outfit. As Eid will be in the Summer this year I think it’s great to get something bright to wear (= I’m hoping to find something in a nice yellow when I go shopping. So what are your plans for Eid?