So I entered this competition held by Muslimah Compass in collaboration with Rabia Z and strangely enough I won =D I won a hot pink kaftan and a Rabia Z signature jersey hijab, here are some pics and my thoughts on this item from the Ruby collection.

Ok so first thoughts upon receiving the package ‘*WOW* it’s a really bright pink’ I’m quite a girly girl I would say and I adore the colour pink (maybe just not this bright lol) It came in a pink Rabia Z Ruby collection bag (you know the ones made from fabric) and it’s the same colour so I do use that when I go out because I can handle a little bit of this colour, but honestly speaking I wouldn’t go out in it, it’s just a bit too bright for me. But I have worn it out to dinner at my uncles house and I do wear it at home when we have guests.

Even though it’s made from jersey (which usually clings to your body) this has been made in a way where it does not reveal your body figure, it’s quite amazing! It’s is sooo soo comfy, which is my number one priority when it comes to clothes [after modesty of course].

The Rabia Z ruby collection has more beautiful outfits, some just as daring as this pink and some more subtle colours. Like this one, which is so chic!

My outfit is perfect for dinner parties (dress it up with nice shoes, bag and long necklace) or dress it down for a night in with the girls (with a nice pair of black trousers and the jersey scarf).

So to sum up…

Pro’s: Beautiful outfit, perfectly modest in terms of how it fits, awesomely comfy, (my number one go to when we have guests)

Con’s: Bit too bright to wear out in public

We totally NEED a Rabia Z store in London….I mean take a look at this gorgeous outfit from her Autumn/Winter collection =O I HAVE TO HAVE something like this…..I mean it’s realllllly elegant and absolutely stunning!

I <3 Rabia Z!

& Muslimah Compass for holding the competition!

So what ‘ya think of Rabia Z and her outfits? If you love the brand as much as  I do.