I haven’t posted anything for a while, mainly because uni work is just piling up )= I feel like I have too much to do and too little time and then I realise I spend most of my time thinking this instead of actually doing work! What do you guys suggest I do to get myself to do some work? I mean I come home from placement which is pretty much a 9-5 job, eat, relax for a bit, then feel too tired to do anything. I’ve also been feeling really drained lately, I think it could be because of the change of weather, always making me feel real gloomy and run-down and  I don’t know how to snap out of it. I feel tired like all I want to do is sleep, I’m getting grey hairs too…at 20? Seriously think there may be something wrong with me, maybe I need to go see the doc’s.

So I write this post with my eyes half open (-_-)

Anyhow….! I went to the smoky not smudgy event last Saturday (the Saturday before Eid) and for those of you who don’t know what the events all about it’s basically a women’s only pamper day held by Imperial College Uni for Charity week, every year they have stalls held by business women who sell all things a woman could want (make-up, clothes, jewellery, hijabs, accessories, CAKE!) as well as make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, henna artists, masseuse who all provide their services on the day all in the name of charity mA (=

This year I teamed up with my friend Hana from ‘Ornate’ and we held a stall doing henna and selling some hijabs & accessories, which looking back on it was actually not a very good idea because it took a lot of effort to make the hijabs and then turned out probably 80% of the stalls there were hijab & accessory stalls -__- It was a good event though and I met some really lovely people!

Big shout out to one of my readers who I met on the day (= It was quite weird meeting her because when I write my posts I never think anyone actually reads them (except for the haters who read my posts only to leave negative comments and tell me what I’m writing is ‘wrong’). I write (or type rather) as if I’m writing to an imaginary friend or in a diary lol so it was weird when people came up to me and said that they follow my blog, like really lovely down to earth and very inspiring sisters MashaAllah (they weren’t even weirdo’s off the net, which is a good thing lol)

On the day I wore a black jilbab, with a khaki/brownish belt, a beige colour jersey hijab (which you’ve seen before) and a black ruched sleeve blazer. Kept my make-up pretty simple with just some black eyeliner, mascara and nude/pinky lips. Here are some pics of my outfit of the day =)

Hmmm so what else did I want to tell you guys….??????

Oh yeah EID MUBARAK! I know it’s very late lol, I was really busy, we had my whole family come round for lunch (and dinner) it was really fun actually (stressful and hectic at times, but still fun) I love seeing all my aunts, cousins and grandma I feel like a little kid again when we used to all live together or meet up every weekend, now everyones grown up and ‘busy’ with life, Eid is the only time we get to see everyone together <3 my family they’re best  =D

This is a pic of me n my cousin (I’m in the pink) we went for quite simple outfits this Eid ( which I personally think looked nicer, and was waaay more comfortable then looking like walking xmas decorations lol) I didn’t choose my dress my mum actually bought it for me and told me that it was for Eid, very 60’s retro no?

Anyway  I think that’s all for now, hope you guys had an AWESOME Eid iA!