This is a quick easy simple hijab step by step hijab tutorial on a style I used to do before I started doing it the way I do it now (which is really easy and you probably do it yourself so I haven’t done a tutorial on it, but will do if you request it iA). This is a style that my mum wanted to learn as well so I think this will be beneficial for everyone who wants to do a style that stays in place with one no snag hijab pin and one staright pin.

Sorry for the mix match stuff my sister is wearing lol

Step 1
Wear your underscarf, you don’t need to wear a neck covering for this because your neck will be covered but it’s worn just for this tutorial.
Step 2
Fold in part of your hijab (roughly 1/4 or 1/3 depending on how wide your scarf is)
Step 3
Place the hijab on your head, one side short one side longer as seen above
Step 4
Take the hijab behind your head
Step 5
Cross over the hijab at the back
Step 6
Wrap the short side of the hijab around your bun to keep it out of the way
Step 7
Using a no snag hijab pin (or safety pin) and pin that down so it doesn’t come down.
Step 8
Bring the long end of the hijab out and hold on to one side
Step 9
Take it back over your bun (so it covers your bun)
Step 10
Pin that side down with a straight hijab pin
Step 11
Once pinned down bring it over your head
Step 12
Bring the scarf across your chest and over your head
Step 13
Pin that side down
This is how it should look 
If you want to jazz your hijab up a bit so you can wear it for a party or wedding go back to step 10 and put on a headband.
Then follow the rest of the steps.
This is how it would look with a headband
The bigger your hijab the more coverage you will get.
The end.

I hope that was clear, do leave some feedback on what you think of this style (=