“Whoever directs (somebody) towards a good deed will receive the like of the reward granted to that person for practising that deed”- Sahih Muslim

I hope you are all in the best of health and imaan.

Today I received the one reason gift box by iERA, which I will give to a friend of mine at work inshaAllah. So for those of you who don’t know what this is, it is basically a dawah pack in the form of a gift (the greatest gift ever! an invitation to Islam)

Inside the gift box you have a book which speaks about the reasoning behind the concept of God, One God and Islam, a booklet with various verses from the Quran with subheadings of what those verses relate to (i.e. social justice, environmental awareness etc), a CD (which I haven’t tried yet so not sure whats on it), a leaflet which is sort of like a letter telling people what the gift box is and a box of Roses chocolates.

I have just finished reading the book ‘the man in the red underpants’ which is the book in this box and I have to say the title is a little strange but it is an amazing little eye opener and really gets you thinking about the concept of God, Islam and the Quran in a very logical sense.

The box is really sleek and sophisticated, looks like a great present to give to someone, not too feminine and not to masculine definitely a gift for any non-Muslim. All of the content is very well written by Abdur Raheem Green and doesn’t just sound all ‘preachy’ which tends to put people off religion. It’s written in an informal and informative way without sounding patronising or insulting.

I was at first unsure about getting this for my friend because she is a devout Catholic and does have a strong belief in God (or Jesus being God, not really sure), and I always thought this would be something you would give to an atheist or agnostic person. The book does sound very sciency, which is how atheists and agnostics like to look at the world and refute religion so that’s good to convince someone of intelligent design and the concept of there being a Creator. But as you read on it does go on to explain things about Islam and the Quran, why and how it differs from other religions so it’s good for anyone who is intellectual and is a seeker of knowledge, whether they believe in God or not.

The box costs 90p and the p&p £2.16 for 2nd class delivery, so overall £3.06 for a box of chocolates and some really good dawah material. They recommend that you read through the material and familiarise yourself with it so you can actually talk to the person you’re giving it to about it and you can download the items for free by clicking here

Dawah is obligatory on every single Muslim, I know there is someone you know that asks you about why you wear hijab, where you disappear off to during your breaks, what you believe about Jesus (AS) etc this box is the perfect way to spread the message of Islam. Don’t let your opportunity slip away order yours today…!