The other day I received some hijabs from a new online hijab company called My Scarf Boutique, the hijabs I will be reviewing are perfect for spring….before I go on to my review of the products here are some words from the owner….

An online company selling fashionable, modest scarves and accessories.
My Scarf Boutique is happy to provide you with any scarfing needs – a fashion statement to wear around your neck, or around your bag, to cover your hair or to present your loved one with a stunning, unique gift.
Each product is exclusive and limited edition, therefore will only be replaced with a new product.
Scarf Boutique is a new business with love for fashion and accessories. The products are designed for the modest yet fashion loving individuals.
Each product is hand picked or designed specifically in order to provide each individual with the best product and service.

My Scarf Boutique is set up by myself to accommodate Muslims wearing hijaabs and non Muslims who love wearing scarves. My target is every scarf loving female who has a passion for fashion yet likes to be modest.

I love the vintage look and my scarves have and will have a regal elegance to them. I am in the process of designing some unique lace scarves in a variety of colours plus velvet print scarves, then concentrating on occasional wear for the party season.

The accessories and jewellery will go hand in hand and compliment the scarves that I will stock so one can purchase everything to enhance one’s outfit in one go at My Scarf Boutique.

The website ( is under construction, however it will be launching very soon (estimated – 3 weeks) to purchase all products directly through the website. This is when I will be getting in new stock too.
Currently I have a Facebook page – Please do LIKE the page and share with your own friends and family  where possible.
Currently orders can be made through Facebook ( and via email:
Shipping to UK – £3.00, with tracking number.
International shipping – £6.00, with tracking number.
When ordering through Facebook please clearly state – the Item, quantity, your email, full name and address.
You will then be sent an invoice to continue on to make your payment.
Kindest Regards
Fari Sadeeq
My Scarf Boutique
Soooo without further a do here are some pictures of the scarves I got and what I thought of them:
Spring stars
This is a very cool looking scarf, when I first saw it the stars really caught my eye. Different colours in this hijab would be awesome! The hijab has a frayed edge finish. Out of the three scarves it isn’t the softest and also not the easiest to wear, but with a bit of patience you can get it to wrap well. The stars are quite subtle so it’s not a really in your face scarf that draws attention, which I love.
Rose Garden
I really like this abstract colourful flower hijab, it can be worn as a statement piece with darker colours, definitely adds a splash of colour to any outfit. It is softer than the purple star hijab and so easier to wrap. The size of the hijab is very good for generous coverage and folds.
Animal mix- Beige/Teal
Of the three I received this hijab has got to be my favourite, is is really soft and I absolutely adore the colours and pattern. This hijab is very me, it’s a good size (some companies call the sizes of these maxi hijabs) Easy to wrap and looks beautiful especially for spring!
So what do I think of the company?
Well they are fairly new and don’t have much variety just yet so I’m keen to see what else they stock in the future iA. All of the hijabs above are priced at £7 which I think is an ok price of the size of the scarves. The customer service was impeccable, the sister I spoke to replied to all my messages promptly and just overall really lovely mashaAllah.
I’d definitely recommend this company to sisters looking for hijabs with more coverage and those looking for something light and airy for spring/summer.
Check out their facebook page for more hijabs below iA!