So this is another review for one of my all time fave hijab companies ‘Hijab Obsessions‘ I received two of their hijabs, a jersey shimmer scarf and a two in one jersey scarf, check out the pics and the review below!

So the grey and black jersey hijab is an interesting concept, it is two coloured jersey hijabs stitched together. I love hijabs that you can wear in different ways because it makes you think creatively and you can wear the same hijab and nobody would realise. Everyone that saw me wearing this hijab thought it was really cool because it looked like I was wearing 2 hijabs but it was actually just one. The fabric as always with this company was amazing and easy to wrap and drape.

The second hijab was this shimmer jersey hijab, it is a white/silver scarf which has a subtle shimmer to it. This scarf is much softer and lighter than your ordinary jersey hijab and is quite sheer so I would recommend a white under scarf and white turtleneck to be worn underneath, this would also make the shimmer stand out. When I wore this scarf I automatically thought it would be great to wear to a wedding and could actually even be used as a bridal hijab with a few accessories.

As always the customer service from Hijab Obsessions is brilliant and I love speaking to the sister that runs it. You can now order straight from their new website along with some really cool new products, so definitely check it out!!

Hijab Obsessions

Happy shopping =D