I used to attend Arabic grammar classes with two of my cousins in East London every Wednesday and after our last lesson last month my cousin and I decided to go and try out a Pakistani restaurant we used to pass all the time called Zaza’s grill.

From the outside the restaurant looked quite impressive, very clean, chic and great interior design. We thought it would be expensive judging from the look of the restaurant but after a quick glance at the menu was actually not too bad.

We went inside and were shown to our seats (we didn’t book beforehand), as soon as we were seated the waiters brought us the menu’s and pretty soon after that brought over complimentary poppadoms, a variety of three sauces, water  and were offered drinks. We were amazed with the speedy and friendly service.

The only thing I would say I was a little disappointed about was the menu, we went in thinking the specialty of the restaurant was grilled food (hence the name) but realised the dishes were more curry’s and Indian cuisines rather than a variety of grilled dishes. The one grilled dish we found on the menu was a mixed grill dish so that’s what we ordered. The wait for the food was quite long but I think it seemed longer because it was getting late and we actually had to get home, but the free poppadoms with the sauces kept hunger at bay. Our food came sizzling on the plate and looked deeelish! (take a look for yourself)

We ordered Peshawari nan with the mixed grill and it was also amazing! Sweet and soft just the way it should be (= I honestly cannot fault the food or the service because it really was a nice meal and I would go there again. Was a little disappointed with the drink as I was really thirsty and felt like it wasn’t really enough, but overall it was a lovely dinner. After we finished (or couldn’t finish) I asked for a box to take home what we couldn’t eat and gave it to my mum who also loved it. My cousin even (‘accidentally’) started walk out with the plate of salad until she realised what she was doing and we both couldn’t stop laughing (along with the waiter) LOL but I’ll let her off she had a long week.

The restaurant is a family friendly restaurant with 100% halal food (obviously) the atmosphere is really calm and relaxing with a touch of class, it’s spacious and would be ideal for dinner with friends as well as bigger parties.

Thank you to Zaza’s for a great meal!

Check out Zaza’s grill online where you can also make a booking http://www.zazas1.co.uk