A couple of months ago a lovely sister called Samira from Austria messaged me on my facebook page asking if I wanted to do an international gift swap with her where I send her gifts from London and she sends me gifts from Austria, so how could I say no, I happily accepted. We set a budget, got to know each other a bit better and yesterday Samira’s package arrived =D

I was so excited, all the things came wrapped up and every time I took something out of the box something else caught my eye. I couldn’t be happier with all the things she got for me so thank you!!

She sent me a whole bag full sweets and chocolates! My little brothers opened some of the sweets and Is’haq finished one packet of the pez bonbons lol but the rest I’m saving as my secret stash of yummyness during Ramadhan to treat myself (and my siblings) after iftar (=

Samira tried to get me things you can only find in Austria but she said it was difficult to do so she sent some things that are international brands, like the awesome summery earrings from Mango. I love the giraffe necklace, its a really long pendant which is perfect for me because you’ll still be able to see the pendant when I wear my scarf….how cute?!

I was also sent a make-up bag and some really nice cosmetics from the brand LOOK, there is a really soft and fluffy kabuki brush which I can’t wait to use, an eyeshadow palette, a pink eyeshadow, a duo purple eyeliner, a lip gloss and a bourjois mini ultra black mascara. I love all of the make-up she sent, very girly and very me (=

Along with all of that Samira sent me an over sized pink top with a gold zip detail and a bright butterfly scarf. I wore the pink top over an abaya which didn’t look too bad, it also looks nice with black trousers or long skirt, I even wore it with white leggings (only at home obviously) which gives the whole outfit a more retro look.

The last thing she sent was a magazine (which I don’t have a picture of), it’s written in German (the official language in Austria) so I probably wont understand anything but I’ll have fun looking through the pictures (=

Once again JazakAllah khair to Samira for the lovely gifts…I will be finishing her package and sending it soon inshaAllah (yes, I’m a bit of a slow coach)