Today I’m ill (again!) and in bed so I thought I’d do a little haul post and my views on the things I have got/been using recently.

Moroccan Argan Oil hair products

There’s been a huge hype about Moroccan Argan oil for a while now and one of my colleagues is an Avon representative, I was talking to her about Argan oil and she showed me these products in the Avon catalogue, so I contemplated trying out some of their products. In the staff room even the male colleagues had tried it and recommended it so I thought why not?

All of this cost me around £8 and I ordered the shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. It came yesterday and when I opened it and read the ingredients I couldn’t help but notice it said ‘made in poland’ so I don’t think this is the proper authentic argan oil (which is supposed to be really good for hair & skin) and I’m not even sure what percentage if the oil or it’s nutrients are actually in these products.

Never the less I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioner and used a little bit of the leave in treatment in damp/towel dried hair. One thing I noticed with it is that my hair felt a lot softer and smoother without having to blow dry it or straighten it. It does make you want to keep running your fingers through your hair. I can’t say how well it works because I haven’t used it enough to say what effects its had long term. But so far so good. I’ve had people ask me if this oil makes your hair thicker or grow more, I don’t know about that, but it is supposed to make the hair you have look and feel healthier.

Real Techniques Stippling brush

Real Techniques brushes are by one of the PixiWoo sisters Samantha Chapman. I’ve been looking for a good way to apply my foundation, I usually use my fingers for my liquid NARS sheer matte foundation and a soft kabuki brush for my Body Shop powder all in in one face base, neither of them are ideal but both do the job. So I was on the hunt for a brush that would let me apply my foundation easily and evenly. I came across this stippling brush whilst browsing some beauty blogs and it looked like the one to try.

I have tried this brush with my powder foundation and I really like the way it works. I’m impressed at how flawless it made my skin look as compared to using a kabuki brush or sponge. The fibres are short and dense and overall I think it’s a good finishing/foundation brush. One downside I would say about it, is that it absorbs a lot of product whether that’s liquid or powder it disappears into the brush )=

Overall I’m happy with this brush and will be trying out some more real techniques brushes in the future.

Sleek Face Form Contour Kit

Contouring isn’t every ones cup of tea but I love how sisters like Yaz the Spaz and Saman Make up hijabs contour their faces to accentuate the natural shadows and highlights of their face. Btw I’m no beauty or make up expert and everything I try is after watching youtube make up artists. I got this face contour kit from Sleek online because Superdrugs were out of stock and this is in the shade medium. It was hard to choose a shade for my skin asian/tanned skin tone because I didn’t want the contouring to be too dark and obvious and I didn’t know which one of the 4 shades to choose so I took a gamble and went for medium which I think is the right choice. It comes with a matte brown contouring powder (left) and shimmery/goldish highlighting powder (middle) and a shimmery bronzing powder (right).

I like this contour kit but I’m not really blown over by the highlighter and bronzer, they’re ok but I don’t like too much shimmer on my face because my face can get oily as the day goes on and the shimmer just makes it look too shiny. When I first tried the the palette the contour powder seemed really dark but I’ve learnt how to blend it with the rest of my make-up so the line is not so harsh.

Overall I’m pleased with the product but it’s not all that, it’s a nice addition to your make-up collection but  wouldn’t say its a must have.

Urban Decay- Fun Palette

I absolutely love Urban Decay eyeshadows, they’re always really good quality and highly pigmented. I fell in love with this brand after getting my Urban Decay Naked palette full of amazing neutral colours and to this day, it’s my go to palette whatever look I’m going for. I got this palette for its more vibrant bright colours. But I have to say I wasn’t totally happy with this, some things I loved and others I hated so here is a breakdown.

Woodstock is an awesome hot pink, which I wouldn’t wear all over my eyelid but just to add a punch of colour on the outer V, I really like this colour especially to wear with bright asian clothes.

Sin is a shimmery champagne colour which also appears in the naked palette. You can’t really go wrong with this colour, I use it over my eyelid when I’ve got darker/brighter colours on the outer corners.

Baked is a Coppery/Gold colour and is very shimmery. Half Baked is one of my favourite shades in the Naked palette because it goes with everything, baked is probably just a darker version of that…so I’m happy =)

Flipside is a Bluey/Green shimmery shade, it’s a lovely colour but I haven’t actually used it on my eye, so I don’t really have any opinions on it, just that it’s a nice colour in the pan.

Uzi is one of my most hated eyeshadows, it’s completely transparent and has huge flecks of glitter running through it. The glitter goes everywhere and ends up all over your face, it gets into the bristles of your eyeshadow brush and is an absolute nightmare! So you get the picture I hate it.

Psychedelic Sister is one of my favourite colours in this palette, its a really nice dark purple colour and looks really good when you layer it on top of black in the outer corners of your eyes when doing a smokey eye look.

Swatches without flash, without primer…

So now you can imagine how much the colours would stand out with primer.

The palette also comes with an eyeshadow primer (as most Urban Decay palettes do) and you can never have too many mini primer postions can you? It also comes with a 24/7 glide on eye pencil which was REALLY disappointing, urban decay 24/7 pencils are supposed to be really good and I imagine the one in shade zero, which is jet black would be, but Oil Slick just like the eyeshadow Uzi was horrible. It had loads of big chunks of glitter that gets stuck in your eye lashes and goes all over our face and isn’t even pigmented enough to leave a line on your eye. So primer I love, eye pencil I hate. Overall this palette = love hate

NARS blusher

I adore NARS, I’ve been using their sheer matte foundation for a while and really like it so this is one of the brands I’d keep going back to. I finally got round to purchasing their blush in the shade ‘Orgasm’ (excuse the name). I’ve heard many good things about this blusher and it sure doesn’t disappoint, it is expensive but I think with cosmetics it’s worth it to go for a good product which has been tried, tested and recommended, I can imagine this lasting me a long time. The blusher is a peachy pink colour with slight gold shimmer.

When I swatched this on my hand I got a lot of glittery shimmer and not so much blush, as some of the other online reviews said it’s not the most pigmented of blushers, however when I tried it on my cheeks I loved it. I don’t like blushers that are really bright and obvious so that’s why this blusher is really nice because I can build it up to how much I like, it gives your cheeks a natural blush and not obvious red cheeks.

If you don’t want to or can’t see yourself buying an expensive blusher like this you can always look for a dupe, after this blusher went famous worldwide many other brands came out with very similar shades so google NARS orgasm dupes and you’ll find something like Sleek’s rose gold blush.

Anna Field Ankle Boots

Last thing I’d like to add to my haul/review post are these super cute ankle boots by Anna Field. I ordered these off Zalando online and I really love them. They’re good quality and comfortable, but like most things with heels your feet do begin to hurt after you’ve been out and about in them the whole day. I got these on sale and with free delivery which was awesome! I’m not sure if the sale is still going on but yeah…I like!

On the iHijabi facebook page I said I was going to share some websites that have pretty good deals on make-up and other stuff so here are a few I’ve used.– I bought the Urban Decay Fun Palette from here, they get the make-up products in bulk from the warehouse which is why they can sell them cheaper to us online.– I got the ankle boots from here, when I last went on this site they had really good sales on their shoes, will deffo be using them again. Free delivery and Free returns makes it even more irresistable– Compared to the official website/sellers this website sells the products at £1 less and has free international delivery, you might think £1 is hardly anything but every penny counts….and believe me it does!

Online shopping WARNING!

One last thing I’d like to add about buying cosmetics online is be really careful. Always check the seller/website and see how authentic they are, if something is too cheap to be true then it probably is.

True story: When I first started shopping online I bought a bunch of ‘MAC’ eyeshadows online from a seller in China or something, all they had was an e-mail address but no phone number or anything, but they did have a proper website, their eyeshadows were in the MAC packaging and everything so it looked very real, I stupidly paid for them & received them and then started doing some research online, I realised that these were counterfeit. I spoke to a friend about it and she told me no matter how tempting it looks, I shouldn’t use it, these eyeshadows are not tested and are not regulated for safety, they could contain zinc and other harmful chemicals which could, in serious cases, make you go blind.

So I e-mailed the company I bought it from, I asked to know exactly what chemicals and ingredients went into the eyeshadows, I said that it was my legal right and from research I found that they could contain harmful chemicals. I didn’t think they would reply now that they had my money and had delivered the products, so for good measure I included, that either they tell me what the ingredients were or refund me in full or I would report them to trading standards & paypal….and without question they refunded me in full…the didn’t even try to squirm their way out of it which made me think that they were definitely dodgy.

So always be really careful when shopping online and never be tempted by fakes, they could be harmful to your health.

Anyway that’s it for now, please bear in mind I’m not a make-up artist/expert and all of the info above is just my opinion as a girl who loves all things that make you feel beautiful.

iHijabi xx