Long time no see no blog. I got a new DSLR camera yaaaay! and a new dress double yaay!

So yeah I ordered a custom made dress from Acacia Label, I was really wary about buying custom made dresses because I’ve had bad experiences in the past, where the quality hasn’t been what I expected & the measurements were really off, but Acacia is a well established label and has been reviewed by many well known bloggers/vloggers so I thought let me give it a go….and of course because how could I not fall in love with their designs?

I wanted something a little different to what they already had on the website, so I e-mailed the team and told them what I was thinking, alhamdulillah the Acacia team got back to me pretty quickly with some more ideas and pictures of samples of fabrics and colours, I chose the colours, worked with them on the design a  bit more then paid for the dress through a secure payment system online.

I was then contacted by them regarding my measurements, now if you’re anything like me and not so great with measuring yourself, their instructions were very clear and foolproof, they asked for my UK dress size and compared the average sizes to what I sent them, after checking all the measurements they e-mailed me again so I could double check some of the measurements that didn’t seem correct to them. All in all it was amazing customer service and they helped me every step of the way.

I was then contacted a couple weeks later to tell me that the dress was finished as was being sent out.

I got a dress, an overgown (which I requested) and a pair of churidar trousers.

cue the gazzillion pictures I had fun taking with my new camera…

The first thing I noticed about the dress was the quality of fabric used, light charmeuse silk, fully lined with a silky soft satin, the over gown and the churidar trousers were both made from exceptional quality fabric. I then noticed the workmanship and attention to detail, there was an almost invisible zip on the side of the dress and buttons on the sleeves of both the dress and over gown to make it easy to put on and take off. The only problem I had with it was it was a little too snug around the waist and hips, but that is mainly my fault (actually my flabby belly’s fault) because I should have given a slightly bigger measurement and I think I’ve put on more weight on my tummy =

But again overall I was over the moon with the quality of the entire outfit.

I would recommend this company in a heartbeat because I was really happy with everything, from beginning to end.

The company is based in Australia and it took roughly 2 months from the day I first e-mailed them to the day I received it, that was after a lot of e-mails back and forth. But their dresses take 21 days to be made and a further 4-5 days to be delivered, which I think is pretty reasonable for a custom made dress tailored to your size.

If you do want to buy something from them check the links below and let them know you were directed from my blog iA.

Acacia FB

Acacia Website