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The Urban Muslim Womens Show 2013- Part 2 – Stalls, Speakers & FOOD!

Salaam all and Ramadan Kareem!!

I finally found a little bit of time in my busy schedule of work, eat, sleep, pray & other worship. So I decided to fulfil my promise and finish my coverage of the Urban Muslim Woman Show 2013. In this part I will share the rest of my photo’s a feedback for the event that took place last month.

Warning: Image heavy post


What better way to keep women occupied than with shopping? As we walked into the venue we were met with a warm atmosphere and the place buzzing with excitement and activity. There were loads of lovely stalls showcasing businesses run by women. It was lovely to see so many successful and talented women under one roof with truly unique businesses.

I stood and spoke to sister Syeda Sadiq for a while. She is a really lovely sister who is trying to set up her own tax and accounting business. MashaAllah here is a link to her website for more info if you are interested or know anyone who is.
Met this really friendly sister from Taniya khan Hair & Makeup, had the pleasure of watching the artists do their magic live.
FX cosmetics
I met the owner of this stall who creates these beautiful Islamic prints which you can get in a frame or as a canvas. Another lovely sister who does some really impressive work, check out her facebook page here: Great products that would make ideal Eid gifts!
Aquaini- Were showcasing their bestselling Muslimah swimsuit, mashAllah their stall had a lot of interest too.
These beautiful pieces by Barakah were really impressive, I would have never have thought of art on kitchenware but again this stall just shows that art if you can think it up it can be done, amazing pieces that would look great in any display cabinet or dinner table.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the names/links for all the stalls, so if there is a picture of your stall above and you would like me to link to your website/facebook page, leave a message in the comments section below with which picture and your link (=


During the event there were various speakers that spoke to the audience about different aspects of life that affect Muslim women. I got to meet the lovely Amena Khan from Pearl Daisy and Lauren Booth both of whom are lovely women mashaAllah and it was a pleasure speaking to and meeting them.

When I met the lovely Amena!
The awesome venue
Very fancy eh?
Quick pictures before the start of the event. Amena promoting Sara Shamsavari’s book.
Our table (=
Our host – Shemiza Rashid
Co-host- Amena
Second Co-host- Sara Shamsavari
Rimla Akhtar gave a really inspirational talk about sport and Muslim women in sport. Much respect to this amazing lady, she even got me thinking that I should get into sport after her talk (and I’m not a very sporty person)
Shemiza Rashid interviewing Amena on the stage in between the fashion shows.
Haslina Mohd Ali director of Sri Munawarah design.
Aina Khan is a leading UK solicitor who specialises in Islamic family law, she gave a very beneficial talk on the rights of Muslim women in marriage and divorce. Her talk was very informative and an excellent reminder. Making sure women know their rights is the first step to empowering women.
Always love Lauren Booth’s talks and this one did not disappoint mashaAllah. Lauren Booth is also known as ex UK prime minister (Tony Blair)’s sister in law, she is one inspirational lady and has done extraordinary work in Palestine and around the world.
Me and my friend with Sister Lauren Booth (=


So I couldn’t leave the post without showing you some pictures of the truly delicious food could I? I apologise if you are still fasting, just looking at these pictures is making my mouth water….!

The food was absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t expect any less from such a prestigious event. It was a proper 3 course meal and not one of those meals that you get in a little takeaway box. The whole event was well worth the price of the tickets.

I would like to end by giving some credit to the official photographers the lovely sister from Pari Khan photography & Nazia Mumtaz photography and all the volunteers who made this event a success. More often than not the people behind the scenes don’t get much credit for their hard work so well done and thank you to everyone behind the scenes as well!

Hope you all enjoyed my coverage for this event and I look forward to an even bigger and better event next year inshaAllah (=

iHijabi x