Another review today…! Of some products from the awesomeness that is The Islamic Greeting Card Store

The Islamic Greeting Card Store specialises in greeting cards for all occasions, from Wedding, Hajj/Umrah to congratulations for completing the Quran and random cards to just show your appreciation to your loved ones. They have sent me this years Eid card designs to show you guys and tell you what I think….

This year they have released 6 brand spanking new designs that are unique to them (that means you cannot find these designs anywhere else!). You can buy these cards at £1.50 each, which by my standards is really affordable, or as a pack of 6 (one of each design) for £6.99, saving you even more money.

The quality of these cards are, as always, super mashaAllah, (they’re not those flimsy cheap cards) and they are made from FSC/PEFC which makes them eco-friendly (think sustainable forests)…how can you not love a company that does their bit for the environment?

ANYWAY, enough of my rambling here are the cards!

The variety in the designs means there is something for everyone, for your spouse, your friends and even young children.

The inside of the cards are blank so you can write your own message (and not have one of those cheesy pre-written messages) and all but one of the cards have a du’a written on the front

“Taqabbal Allahu minna wa minkum!- May Allah swt, accept it (our good deeds) from us and you!”

And that’s what celebrating Eid is all about, it’s a day to recognise all the good deeds we have done this Ramadan and pray that Allah accepts it and continues to bless us with all the good that has come from it.

What’s even more amazing in terms of saving money is that there is FREE postage and packaging for all UK orders, but hurry because the last day to make your orders to make sure you receive your cards before Eid is Monday the 5th of August.

You can purchase your cards here ->

And follow their facebook page for updates, discounts, giveaways etc etc ->

I pray that you all have a blessed end to the month and remember me in your precious du’as in this last 10 days.

Happy shopping!