I met the owners/representatives for this company earlier this year whilst covering the Halal food festival at the London Excel. They had a stall at the event and I had a chance to speak to the rep’s and get an idea of what these products were all about. The owner was really friendly and down to earth, they gave me some samples to take away and try out so that I can tell you guys about it.

First up the Heavenly Moisture face cream.

Price: £4.99 

Heavenly Moisture’ our luxurious face cream for the family enhanced with Virgin Pure Black Seed (Nigella Sativa-Habbatul Barakah) Oil with a combination of the purest natural ingredients which include Shea butter, Vitis vinifera , Aloe Vera, Cocoa butter. It has No Perfume, No Parabens and No Colour; the only scent comes from the Virgin cold pressed Nigella Oil. 

Loaded with essential fatty acids which revitalises and brightens your skin It is one cream which not only hydrates but provides an antioxidant rich protective seal, softens and smooths. Our cream will take you to a place of well-being while providing a silky smooth sheen that can soothe away dryness and skin irritations and is especially effective for prematurely aged, sensitive and inflamed skin. The essential oils and Aloe Vera is excellent for calming inflamed itching, irritated skin. 

This cream will nourish and revive your skin without clogging pores. Suitable for Hajj & Umrah. – See more at: http://www.medinahealthcareproducts.com/heavenly-moisture-face-cream-#sthash.CjPIir7i.dpuf

I only used a bit of this on my hands and it’s REALLY moisturising, unfortunately it’s a little too oily for my oily/combination skin, but would be ideal if you have dry/sensitive skin or even just to moisturise your hands. When speaking to the brother he said he’d recommend this for people with eczema because of the natural ingredients which sooth and aid the recovery of flare ups. I didn’t personally like the smell of the black seed in this product so without the smell it would have been much better.

Next the Hijabi Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner 

Price £2.99 

Our Hijabi Haircare’s Covered Hair Shampoo is made specifically for the Hijabi woman. Due to the lack of oxygen under your hijab, the hair tends to get greasy and lack vital nutrients which tend to make your hair break easily. 

With our carefully selected ingredients which not only tackles greasiness but also helps protect your hair, with pure ingredients like Rosemary to stimulate & revitalize your scalp, and pure almond oil to nourish & replenish your hair, which will leave your hair beautifully shiny and healthy. Free from SLES and parabens. For optimum results use in conjunction with Hijabi covered hair Conditioner for women.

– See more at: http://www.medinahealthcareproducts.com/hijabi-covered-hair-shampoo-300ml#sthash.EjxDj6fB.dpuf

Price: £2.99

Our Hijabi Haircare’s Covered Hair Conditioner is deeply nourishing infusion which is the perfect pairing for the Hijabi shampoo. With Calendula oil to nourish and care for your covered hair and Rosemary to normalise oil production, encourage healthy circulation and improve scalp conditions restoring your hair’s Luster and shine . Free from SLES and Parabens. – See more at: http://www.medinahealthcareproducts.com/hijabi-covered-hair-conditioner#sthash.2eXlB1UM.dpuf

I’ll be quite honest I was intrigued by the shampoo and conditioner, it’s the first of it’s kind as I haven’t come across shampoo and conditioner specifically aimed at women who cover their hair. They are supposed to help with greasy hair, if you wear hijab, your head tends to sweat and your hair gets quite greasy quite quickly so these products are aimed to directly tackle that problem. They are both fragrance free so you wont get any overpowering smells or anything like that. However, even though they really do wash your hair so it’s no longer greasy, I wasn’t a big fan. I prefer shampoo’s with a nice fragrance, also the shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling really dry and didn’t give it a nice shine.

I don’t like the shampoo but I do sometimes use the conditioner with my regular shampoo which isn’t too bad. But if you do have a problem with greasy hair then this does work, I guess my hair needs moisture, which this product doesn’t provide for me personally.

Lastly the Shower Gel

Price: £2.49

Our Female Shower Gel for the Hijabi woman delicately cleanses your skin without drying it out. Enhanced with Aloe Vera & coconut oil and fragranced with the tingling scent of the East, it will leave you refreshed all day long and reawaken your energy banks. – See more at: http://www.medinahealthcareproducts.com/hijabi-her-shower-gel#sthash.ohzmZfM6.dpuf

This was probably my favourite product out of the selection I was given to try, just because I have no problems with and still use it. I would recommend this product if you don’t like strong scented shower gels because this doesn’t have a strong overpowering scent and cleanses your body really well.

All of the products are VERY reasonably priced as they are very affordable. The website also allows you to buy multipacks or provides deals if you combine some of the products together.

Overall I was pleased with the products, there’s nothing terribly wrong with them but the majority of them were not suitable for me personally.

I really like the idea behind the products and to have specific things aimed at tackling hijabi hair and skin problems is a niche that needed to be tapped into.

Medina healthcare also make products such as shampoo’s and conditioners suited to men (aptly named Habibi haircare) as well as children. Another thing I love is that they use natural products that work with your hair and body rather than packing it full of chemicals, free from animal cruelty and 100% vegan and halal, this is the perfect option if you are concerned about what you put on your body and how eco-ethical it is.

For purchases and to view more products do go to http://www.medinahealthcareproducts.com

(images of the products are from medinahhealthcareproducts.com)