Today I shall be finally sharing with you my review for a new company called Jumana Couture.

Jumana Couture was set up by two sisters, both of whom love fashion but found that in the UK it was difficult to get hold of high end quality and elegant varieties that are available else where.  As they frequent the Middle East they relish the opportunities to fill their wardrobes with amazing designs and styles that take a while to trend here. 

This is how Jumana Couture began, the two sisters
 started sourcing some of their favourite brands and picked things they liked wearing and felt others would love too.  Jumana Couture’s first collection is of Kashkha scarves.  ‘Kashkha‘ is a well known brand in Middle East and in some far East areas.  Their scarves and Kaftans are on trend in Dubai and are of fabulous quality.

The samples I was sent are both Jersey, right now there is an influx of jersey items both Hijabs and abayas in the market.  However, they are pretty much standard and these are quite versatile and stand out amongst the rest.  The are finished very well and a lot of the time you do not necessarily have to wear an under scarf or need lots of pins to hold it in place. 

The designs are very wearable for the professional working woman as well as  some young fashionistas who want something easy and trendy to go with their outfits.

Price wise, whilst trying to remain competitive the first collection speaks for itself in terms of the quality and design.  Many of the embellished scarves have had handwork involved.  

The grey Jersey scarf  is priced at £10 and as you can see the pearl work has been quite carefully embedded to prevent them from becoming loose.  

This scarf is really unique and like nothing I have seen before, it will be great for the coming spring as it is best worn loosely. The beads will most definitely not come off as they are not sewn or stuck on but rather embedded in the scarf like studs.

This is a statement scarf that will make a plain outfit truly unique.

The black stonework scarf is priced at £12 and again is finished off nicely to give it an outstanding look.

This hijab adds a little glitz to the plain black jersey hijab. Another unique design from Jumana Couture, this hijab is elegant and classy. When worn with a very simple black abaya it looks effortlessly chic. Sometimes less is more and the simplicity of this hijab makes it stand out.

Jumana Couture charge a standard £3.50 for shipping, you can pay via paypal and bank transfer for the time being and they are more than happy to ship internationally.

To see more of their designs please check out their Facebook page:


And to place an order just contact them via the links above or email them directly:

Wishing this company all the success in the future and looking forward to some more new and innovative designs.