A week after my wedding we went on a well deserved holiday to Alanya in Turkey. My husband arranged for us to spend a week at a 5 star hotel, all inclusive, with a spectacular view, blue sea and golden sand.

It was scary, my first time abroad without my parents, however I was super excited, it felt like a proper adventure!

I had been to Turkey before (Istanbul with my family), so I knew how amazing Turkey was, the people the environment was all amazing in my first trip which made me even more excited to go and see another part of Turkey.

We got to the hotel (Gold city) in the middle of the night, totally exhausted after a 2 hour drive from the nearest airport (Antalya), that night was spent trying to sort out problems with the hotel and their terrible customer service. Next morning we were up taking in the view…and eating (I discovered my husband is an eataholic) -__-

Over the next couple of days we went down to the hotel’s beach and went para-sailing, it was so much fun and such an amazing feeling being so high up in the sky.

I remember sitting on the beach and telling my husband, I can’t take in all this beauty imagine how much more beautiful Jannah will be.

One day we missed the bus and ended up watching the sunset and writing our siblings names in the sand as we waited for the next bus.

SubhanAllah the beauty in Allah’s creation

I wore my Aquani burkini (search for a review for it on the blog), good thing about it was that it was made of proper swimsuit material and very comfortable to wear, bad thing about it was that when I was dragged into the sea by my husband the trousers kept going up and I had to pull it down as I came out of the water or as the wave went back. The strong waves also pulled the hijab/hood back as well. Not sure how good it’ll be for actually swimming.

A few days later we went on a quad safari in Camlibel. We were quad biking in the mountains! It was kinda scary but so cool at the same time. After that the instructor took us on a Jeep ride back to the hotel.

The spectacular beauty before the storm.

On our last day we played mini golf at the hotel, after half an hour we realised it was waaaay too hot to carry on and went back up to relax.

Look at the view behind me SubhanAllah!

Turkey is such an amazing country and I would go back time and time again! I actually really miss this beautiful country, its rich culture and it’s diverse and friendly people.

So that was our holiday in the sun, would definitely recommend Alanya, but not so much the hotel. The customer service was absolutely dreadful, most of the people staying there were non-Muslim Russians and Germans (lots of immodest people). Whilst on our quad safari we met another Muslim family from the UK, they were staying at the Bera hotel, which is a Muslim family friendly hotel, so if I do go back to Alanya I would definitely like to check that out.

I will never forget this trip with my husband, we had so much fun exploring a new country and experiencing a new culture.

Thank you Alanya and thank you Turkey…..next trip Hajj inshaAllah…please make du’a!

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