Salaam alaykum!

Today I’d like to introduce you all to ‘Mayahmeen London’. This is a small family run business selling beautiful hair/hijab accessories.

Some of you may have come across their stall at charity events like smokey not smudgy. I have been lucky enough to try a sample of one of their pieces…

This delicate and dainty gold and green piece is well crafted and made with really high quality materials. The 3 strand piece in particular can be worn in a variety of ways to suit your hijab style and your mood. The small earring type attachment at the end of each strand makes it easy to wear and doesn’t make big holes in your scarf, it also means you can wear it in your hair for sister only events or if your don’t wear a hijab.

I came across Mayahmeen via Instagram, straight away I loved the uniqueness of their pieces. Every headpiece is elegant and there is something there to suit everyone’s taste. Each headpiece is handmade with passion and care to create something specially for you. If you have a wedding or an event coming up, just get in contact with Mayahmeen London with the colour of your hijab or outfit (better yet, send them a picture of it) and Mayahmeen could design and make your very own, exclusive headpiece.

Whether you want something to accessorize your outfit or to give to someone as a gift, make sure you check out all of their other headpieces on their website or on their instagram page