Anyone else feeling worse for wear? It’s that cold/flu season again and I’ve spent almost 2 days indoors feeling under the weather, so today hubby decided to take me out of the house for a late lunch. We ended up at ‘Loaded Burgers’ in Stoke Newington.

I remember around this time last year going to the same place when it was ‘Neon Burgers’. I really enjoyed Neon Burgers, so I was really disappointed when they closed down. Neon Burgers has now turned into Loaded burgers, I have heard good things about Loaded Burgers from people who have been to the Ilford branch, so it was time to give this place a go.

Luckily it’s a Saturday and we found free parking on a side road close by (Parking restrictions in the area are until 6.30pm Monday-Friday and up to 1.30pm on Saturday, free on Sundays). It was difficult to find the opening times for Loaded Burger but from what I remembered Neon Burgers was open from 5pm so we just took the chance and decided to go at around 5pm.

We were greeted by a very friendly and courteous waiter who showed us to our seat, offered us some water and explained the procedure of ordering and paying. They don’t take card payments so hubby had to go across the road to find an ATM to take out cash after we ordered. The restaurant is HMC approved so you can be totally reassured and comfortable knowing it’s all completely halal.

The menu is extensive with a big range of burgers, ribs, soft drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, milkshakes, sides and starters.

For drinks we both went for an original Mojito…

I LOVED that it came in a Mason jar and wasn’t stingy like some other places I’ve eaten at. This is such a refreshing reasonably sized, reasonably priced drink, can’t really fault it apart from maybe it could have been a bit colder.

For starters we ordered buffalo wings and fried garlic mushrooms…

Both starters were equally tasty but the portion size was on the small side, we got 3 buffalo wings and 3 garlic mushrooms. It was probably a good thing the portion size was small because otherwise we probably wouldn’t have had space for our mains.

For mains we both got the Takon Burger, mine was beef and hubby’s was lamb as he’s not a big fan of beef, for sides we got chilli beef fries to share…

The burger consisted of cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, chicken rashers & onion ring, dressed in loaded burger sauce and aioli. It was lush! Both hubby and I really enjoyed our burgers, it was moist and the brioche buns were soft, the meat was succulent, full of flavour and not dry.

The chilli beef fries with cheese were also awesome, they tasted really good and I liked how it came in a bucket. I think it was a good idea that the burgers came in trays because it meant that you didn’t have to worry about making a mess or things sliding off your plate.

Both the lamb and beef come medium-well cooked so it’s still slightly pink in the middle which is how we both like our meat, whether it’s burgers or steak, however, if you prefer your meat well cooked then you have to state that when ordering.

At the end hubby went up and paid the bill which came to around £37, this is a bit on the expensive side for burgers, but for a one off treat it isn’t too bad.

Overall the food and atmosphere was great the only small problem I had was with the paper they used to line the bucket of fries and the tray with the burger. When the paper became wet due to the sauce from the burger it started to rip, as I was cutting my burger I had to keep making sure that I wasn’t eating the paper because it kept coming away with the burger, I’m sure this issue can be easily resolved. Otherwise a really good hearty meal!

As you can see I couldn’t finish it =/

Would definitely visit Loaded Burgers again as the food was great, looking forward to trying some of the different burgers and other mojito flavours.

Until next time, there you have it, my review on Loaded Burgers!

Loaded burgers
179 Stoke Newington High St.
N16 0LH
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