My husband’s friend got married recently, as with all Asian weddings it was full of parties leading up to the big day. His mum and sister in law, also a good friend of mine, organised a mini party at home for family and friends a few days before the wedding.

I was stuck on ideas of what to take to the party so I started browsing Instagram (as you do) and I came across Crazy Cakeateers. The party was on Sunday and I was thinking of ordering a cake just a few days before, so I took the chance and decided to just send a message and ask if they could accommodate my request at such short notice.

The company is based in St Albans and they make a huge variety of cakes and cupcakes, all made to a high quality with exquisite detail and elegant designs.

Now when I say super customer service I mean SUUPERR customer service! They replied to my message pretty much straight away. All I knew was the sort of colour and design I wanted, I wasn’t even sure how much they charged or the size I needed. They quickly helped me figure out the most suitable size and gave me a range of options for the flavour of the cake. I thought I would be pushing it a bit but I asked if they could deliver the cake and make me some cupcakes to compliment the main cake for my budget. Lo and behold they agreed! I couldn’t believe my luck.

Unfortunately they only deliver wedding cakes on weekends and because we don’t have a car at the moment it would be almost impossible for me to go and pick it up in time for the party. The lovely ladies at crazy cakeateers suggested I pick it up from them after work somewhere in London, it was a bit inconvenient but seeing as they were willing to bring it to London I agreed to pick it up from them. They later messaged me suggesting they drop it off to my work place at lunchtime. I could not thank them enough, it made my life so much easier and I really appreciated all the effort they were putting in to make sure the customer was satisfied.

My favourite cake from their collection! Stunning right?

There were a few minor issues around timing for delivery due to work commitments for them and myself and they managed to deliver it to my work place around 6pm instead of lunchtime, this wasn’t really a problem because I was working late but I really appreciated the fact that they bought it to me.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to meet Habeeba but she kept me updated throughout the day with what was happening and never made me feel like I needed to keep chasing them up on it.

I’ve been talking about their amazing cakes and service for so long now it’s time for the big reveal…

This is the Ombrè cake with chocolate filling, butter cream icing and matching cupcakes! All of this plus delivery for £37. The budget I gave them was £40 and they didn’t even try to rip me off by charging me the whole £40, that’s what I call an honest business MashaAllah!

The cakes looked and tasted amazing =P All of the guests at the party kept asking who bought this cake? Who made this cake? When I said I bought it, everyone asked if I made it myself?…I could have taken the credit, but then they’d expect me to make one for them and I’m rubbish at baking, so I gave out the name of this amazing company.

The only issue is that not everyone is a big fan of butter cream, most people prefer fresh cream cakes, but I needed the cake a couple days before we were going to eat it. I’m not a baker, but I assume a fresh cream cake doesn’t look or taste that good after a day or two.

So overall I’m over the moon with the cakes I ordered and wholeheartedly recommend this company to you all if you’re looking for a cake. I have not been sponsored to say any of this nor do I get anything out of it, I just want this talented company to know how brilliant they are and tell you guys about them.

May Allah bless Habeeba and her team with much barakah in this business, may it go from strength to strength and be filled with success!

Please do check them out on Instagram and Facebook and contact them for further enquiries  

Telephone: 07707117355

(N.B All images courtesy of Crazy Cakeateers Instagram page)