In 2015 hubby and I visited Marrakech. I had been wanting to visit Morocco for a quite some time and we finally decided to go. Marrakech is a vibrant city full of history, culture and plenty of things to see and do.

Whilst writing this post I realised I had so many pictures on my camera which I’ve lost! Everything that was on there from 2015 is nowhere to be found, the beautiful architecture, the places we visited, everything. I wish I could share those pictures with you but here are some pictures I had saved on my phone.

Where we stayed…

View of the center of the Riad
Balcony view from our room
Sitting by the pool at night

We stayed in a beautiful riad next to the square called ‘Le Pavillon Oriental’. The owner was a lovely gentleman who made our stay exceptional. As I walked into the riad I was greeted with the view in the first picture and was completely blown away with how beautiful it was.

Beautiful Moroccan lamp

The rooms were completed with traditional Moroccan furnishings and the attention to detail was beyond what I expected. The pool is in an open space but we were one of the only guests at the riad (the other being two women) and one of the staff let me know if hubby I wanted to swim in the pool she could ask the two male staff to go to another part of the riad to give some privacy. I thought that was a really lovely gesture even though we didn’t take her up on the offer.

Next day they set up a lovely little traditional breakfast for us on the rooftop, again attention to detail made us feel very welcome and valued as customers.

In the evenings after our days out exploring we were brought traditional Moroccan tea even without asking, I found this hospitality to be amazing as I had never experienced such good customer service whilst abroad.

Things to see & do…

Jamaa el Fna square
Ben Yosussef Madrassah
D’Ozoud waterfalls
  • Jama el Fna Square : Full of souks and entertainers. Quiet during the day but comes alive at night with traditional dancers, snake charmers and food stalls. Be vigilant of pick pockets and avoid going out late on your own.
  • Ben Youssef Madrassah : An old madrassah with so much history and beautiful architecture.
  • YSL/Majorelle gardens : Beautiful artistic botanical and landscape gardens
  • Atlas Mountains : Mission to get to, but absolutely stunning views
  • D’Ozoud Waterfalls : Amazing views, for someone that’s never seen a big waterfall in real life this was one of my highlights of the trip.

Food & Drink … 

I’ll be honest the food in Marrakech was a bit hit and miss. Some restaurants had lovely food including mixed grills and tagines, but overall it wasn’t my cup of tea, maybe I just didn’t eat at the right places. The best tagine I had was at the D’Ozoud waterfalls, every tagine I’ve had since then just doesn’t compare, you definitely have to try it out!

Be aware of the water in Morocco, always drink bottled water. Unfortunately as much as we tried to play it safe we did get upset stomachs which lasted through the whole holiday, not a good feeling. Also be aware of the water the salad is washed in and the ice in your drinks etc as these are areas often overlooked.

Final Thoughts…

We spent a total of 5 days in Marrakech and I felt like that was more than enough as we started to run out of things to do. Use your time wisely and try to do as many excursions as you can to get the full experience of Marrakech. Morocco is a beautiful country and full of history, you can really see the Arabic and French influences as you explore. It may be a culture shock for some and may not be suitable to go to with young children but for a couples holiday it was perfect.