Our Nikkah & Walima (Islamic marriage) took place in 2014 (see wedding post here) and waited until our 1st anniversary to register the marriage because I wanted an excuse to have another party and wear a white dress. Now hubby just has one date to remember and double the presents every year.

The dress was from an online company Croyance

The registry took place at the town hall. I wore the white lace overcoat from Acacia label on top of my white and gold Croyance dress, the whole look came together and I finally got to wear my version of a white wedding dress.

After the registry at the town hall we organised a little dinner party with close family at Riverside Lounge in north London. Although it was a lovely venue and we were blessed to be with our close family the restaurant itself was a huge let down. They’ve renamed since then and possibly changed management but the service was terrible and the food was awful. The gajar ka halwa and ice cream looked like vomit and the owners were really rude, we were disappointed to say the least.

Not to let it ruin our day my amazing cousins and sisters surprised us with a cake and we had amazing time with our family.

The best gift of the night was an all expenses paid Umrah trip from my parents. We were both fighting back tears as we opened the envelope to a mock ticket made by my sisters and cousins.

Recently I found out that not many people realise the Nikkah/Islamic wedding does not automatically mean you’re legally registered in the UK. It’s really important to register your marriage legally to avoid problems in the future. You don’t have to have a big ceremony or dress up but make sure you get it done.