For our first anniversary on 2015 I decided to book a staycation (holiday where you don’t go abroad). We booked a weekend away to Newquay in Cornwall and had a nice long drive there from London.

I booked us a hotel last minute on, after reading plenty of reviews online we decided to go for a guest house called Porth Cove Hotel right by the coast. The room was really pretty and the place was cosy like a home away from home. The owners of the hotel were lovely and really welcoming.

Breakfast was included a we went for a vegetarian full English which included a veggie sausage which was actually really nice. All the staff at Porth Cove Hotel made our stay very comfortable.

The views in Cornwall were beautiful, the sand, sea and little bit of sun made us feel like we weren’t in England. It was really relaxing and peaceful, I could have just sat on the beach all day.

The sunsets are even more stunning when you escape the hustle and bustle of London and lack of light pollution mean you get stunning views of the night sky.

I really loved our weekend away but hubby wasn’t too pleased about the lack of halal food options. Living in London we often take for granted how diverse the city is, when you travel outside London you really appreciate home. We were one of the only brown people holidaying at this part of Newquay and although I felt very comfortable as the locals were all really lovely, hubby felt a bit out of place.

I thought we could live off fish and chips because nothing beats fish and chips at the seaside but the chippy we went into (very kindly) told us they fry their fish and chips in beef fat and that it may not be suitable for a halal diet, we tried a few others but they told us all the chip shops did the same. So we lived off the vegetarian supreme pizza at the local Domino’s.

If you’re not a big meat eater like my husband and don’t mind not having halal food, Newquay is a  lovely place to go, whether as a couple or as a family it’s a beautiful part of England you must visit!