I’ve been really into smokey eyes lately. Following this technique you can get a super smokey eye look without looking like you got punched in the eye!

Step 1

Use a transition shade in the crease, or slightly above the crease if you have hooded eye lids.

Step 2

Add black gel liner to the eye lid starting at the lash line and stop before you get to the transition shade in the crease.

Step 3

Apply a dark brown shade all over the lid on top of the gel liner

Step 4

Blend out the between the transition shade and the dark brown shade with a more medium brown to diffuse the line.

Step 5

Blend out the transition shade further so you have no harsh lines.

Step 6

Tight-line your waterline with a black kohl liner and smoke out the bottom lash line using the same shades as above, darkest closest to the lash, gradually getting lighter.

Step 7

Add shimmer/lighter colour to the inner corner and brow bone.

Step 8

Add lashes of your choice.

Step 9

Don’t forget to add mascara to your bottom lashes.

Hope you enjoyed that little tutorial!