Let’s talk hair care… I was kindly sent this hair oil to test out and tell you guys about. I’ve been using it consistently for the last month, 2-3 times a week. I use it the night before and wash out the next day or put it on in the morning and wash out before bed. I literally drench my hair with the oil from root to tip. 

From the first use my hair felt really soft. Over the last 4 weeks I’ve noticed my hair has grown quicker than it has been since I cut it.  I use it on my daughter after washing her hair because she has really dry hair that gets tangled easily. The oil makes her hair much more manageable, but a little goes a very long way if you’re going to use it after washing your hair as it can look greasy.    When you wear hijab you tend to forget about your hair. Post- partum, I went days without even brushing my hair so I did the mum chop, looking forward to growing my hair out again InshaAllah. My hair feels so soft, healthy and nourished after using this. I would highly recommend including the @luxeskinandhairco hair elixir into your self care routines.   

UPDATE:    I’ve now been using this oil for several months and can see a huge difference when I do use it before every wash and when I haven’t used it for a while. The oil makes a huge difference to the quality of my hair, because of previously bleaching if I don’t use the oil for a while it goes back to being really dry. definitely need to re-purchase this once it’s empty.

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