The original Urban Decay Naked palette was one of my first higher end makeup palettes I ever bought having only ever bought drugstore palettes before this, so I have a bit of a soft spot the brand and the whole naked range.

I already have the original, naked 3, naked heat petite and was gifted naked cherry by my cousin, so when the naked honey launched at the end of 2019 I thought ‘oh another naked palette’ and didn’t pay much attention to it. Over xmas 2019 I ended up talking my sister into buying it because she was looking for a new eyeshadow palette tans it was on sale. When I saw the palette in real life I was super impressed, pictures just don’t do this beauty justice.

Anyway after a whole year of deliberating if I should buy it for myself or not I succumbed to the temptation and bought it during the last Xmas sales.

Out of all the palettes, this is the one I’d say I would get the most use out of, the colours are beautiful for Asian skin tones and will come in so handy for Eid and weddings to go with desi clothes.

Swatches in natural daylight

My favourite colours have to be queen and hbic

I created some looks with just this palette and have to say they were easy to apply, build and blend.

shades: keeper, hive, sting & queen
shades: swarm, keeper, amber & flyby
shades: drip & hbic
shades: drip, honey & flyby

I love the colours in the palette, I can create casual day looks as well as shimmery glittery party looks, I also think this will be really useful in my bridal kit too.

I wish some of the matte shades had more depth to them and the shade sting was much darker. For best colour payoff with the shimmers apply them with your fingers or with a flat brush sprayed with some setting spray.

Playing with the palette when my sister bought it last year

Did I need this palette? No, but it’s a beautiful mid range palette to have in my collection. If you like warm neutrals and golds you will love this palette 🍯