My 3 and half year old loves books (Allahumma barik laha) every night she negotiates with us on how many books she wants us to read to her (we usually end up reading 3). We have read all the books in her bookshelf so many times, so when the author of this book reached out to see if I would like to review it, I jumped at the chance.

‘Mirror mirror on the wall’ is a story about a little witch who, through her magic truth telling mirror, learns that everyone is beautiful no matter what they look like and that self love is more important than what others think of you.

I love that this book is full of diversity and inclusivity, it’s a brilliant tool to have these conversations with our little ones. I’ve always tried to buy her toys and books that have diverse characters when it comes to race, this book goes one step further and looks at other differences in how people might look as well, from facial hair to different shape noses, it’s a really lovely story about acceptance.

“Oh mum look she’s wearing a Saree”

The illustrations in this book are great, they are simple, bright and colourful and really complement the story. I’d love to see a hardback version of the book because it would make it last longer.

I would recommend this book for children age 3+ because that’s when they can understand the story and you can actually have a conversation about the meaning behind the story.

Thank you Ishrath for this book, it’s such an important topic, especially in the social media day and age, where people base their self worth on what other people think about the way they look. Hopefully stories like these and conversations starting at an early age will help counteract those problems later on.

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