The ultimate self help book you didn’t know you needed, this handbook is perfect to help you improve your character and spiritual well-being.

I was kindly sent this book by Ibn Daud Books, it came beautifully gift wrapped and I’d like to thank them for this invaluable source of information, knowledge and advice. My first impressions were that it reminded me of a medical handbook which has symptoms, diagnosis and treatments, which makes sense because it is designed to be the same kind of source of information but for spiritual health and wellbeing.

The first part of the book tells you how to use the book and then proceeds on to 26 spiritual diseases of the heart and character. Each section is colour coded, which starts off with signs and symptoms of each problem, the book tells us what the Quran and Sunnah says about it and then gives us spiritual as well as practical steps we can take to purify ourselves of the disease and replace them with praiseworthy ones.

Table of Contents

If you think you don’t have some of these problems you’d be lying because we all have things in our character we can improve upon. Sometimes it takes some self reflection and humbling yourself to realise that there are way you can improve.

Why spiritual wellbeing is important
How to use the book

There are plenty of books out there claiming to be self-help with inspirational quotes, but often they don’t ask you to self reflect and improve your own character, they preach giving into your desires and not holding yourself accountable for your own thoughts and character. As Muslims we need to be conscious about what we take advice from and whether what we’re learning is according to Islam. All the information in this book is from authentic Quranic quotes and Hadith.

Another thing I like about this book is that it’s very up to date making it very relatable in our day to day lives. For example this part in the section about envy, relating it to social media and giving practical things we can do if we find ourselves intentionally or unintentionally being envious of what we see online.

Whether you want to add this to your home library as a reference book, to gift something to a loved one in time for Ramadan or invest in it to read and actively improve your spiritual wellbeing, I would highly recommend it. It’s something that everyone needs in their life.

You can purchase this in paperback or hardback from Ibn Daud Books website (click here) the book is also available in various other places online. Even if you can’t buy the book right now make sure you support the author by follow Ibn Daud Books on social media (Instagram).

Would love to know what you thought of the book, so if you do purchase this from my recommendation make sure to tag me so I can see your reviews too.