About Me

Welcome to my blog, a diary of my endless ramblings, my thoughts, reviews and so much more.

I’m a British Muslim, a mum, a blogger, hijab stylist, makeup artist & molecular imaging Radiographer.

I started this blog in 2010 during a long summer whilst at uni. I was bursting at the seams with so much creativity and things I wanted to share that I could no longer contain it in my mind, so it all spilled out on here.

Here you will find all things related to beauty & modest fashion to food, Islam and parenting as well as snippets of things going on in my life.

Over the years my thoughts, opinions, style, and style of writing changed. I finished uni, worked as a radiographer in the NHS for a couple years, got married, worked at Harley Street for a few more years, had a baby, and became a stay at home mum. During maternity leave I turned my love and creativity for all things modest fashion and beauty to start my own little business freelancing as a hijab stylist and makeup artist (www.veilartist.com).

I grew up and entered adulthood, all whilst sharing parts of my life on my blog and social media. I’m so glad you found my blog and I hope that you find something here that is useful, relatable, inspiring or uplifting.